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Re-Leaf Detox Spa      Colonics & Far Infrared Sauna – Wanaka

Our aim is to provide you with relief from pain and discomfort, or to simply maintain your health. We do this by helping your body remove toxins – substances that can be harmful to the body if they are allowed to build up.  We use a combination of techniques –                Colon Hydrotherapy,   Far Infrared Sauna, Massage and Reiki.           Centrally located in Spencer House Mall.                                                            E:       P: 03 974 7922        Mob: 021 189 1968

Alive Body   – Wanaka                                                                                                        Massage Therapy & Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy

Our Wanaka Massage Clinic is situated centrally at 5 Chalmers Street, and is one of the newest clinics in town. Our practitioners are highly experienced and take a holistic approach to perform an in-depth assessment of your needs.                                                                           Contact or    Phone: (021) 260 1724

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