Miessence  – The world’s first certified organic range of products for skin, hair and body.  16 years later Miessence is still unparalleled in their extensive product range, quality and service.  All products ordered online are GST free.


All ingredients are designed to have a healthy response on your skin by feeding it nutrients that feed and nuture your skin.  There are 4 types of skincare plus additional products for specific uses including scrubs, masks, serums, gels and a skin brightener.  All with NO synthetic chemicals and based on certified organic ingredients.  It not about beautiful ‘looking’ skin, its about skin that is beautiful because it is healthy and nourished


Can you imagine a whole range of toiletries that contain No synthetic chemicals and where EVERY ingredient is beneficial to your body.  Miessence is that range.  From Haircare, Oralcare, Bodycare, Babycare,  Mens-care… Miessence has it all.  You can shop for bits and pieces elsewhere to get your healthy range or you can be assured that Miessence has the complete range for you.


Organic, potent, fresh, raw, pure, fermented, nutrient dense…. Are these elements important to your healthy food regime?  Miessence range of Superfoods  include:

Protein powder

Biofermented raw Protein Powder

By far this is the best Protein Powder I have ever had…. Raw, Organic, Vegan, Biofermented, Gluten Free and Delicious!!


Fermented probiotic Inliven Superfood

After 14 years use, I will never stop using this amazing product. Your gut will love you for it.  Inliven is a fermented probiotic superfood designed to deliver billions of hardy probiotics into your gut while supplying you with 26 pre digested organic superfoods.

Berry Radical

Berry Radical Antioxidant Superfood

BerryRadical is a delicious combination of nine of the world’s most potent, antioxidant, superfoods providing 4000 ORACs per teaspoon! This tasty, high potency formulation gives you the antioxidant of equivalent eight servings of fruit and vegetables in every teaspoon.

Deep Green

Deep Green Alkalising Superfood

Keeping the correct pH balance in our bodies is vital for ongoing good health. Deep Green Alkalising Superfood is the solution. Made from the freeze dried juices from the world’s most potent sources of greens, Deep Green Alkalising is 100% raw, vegan and certified organic.

Fast Tract

Fast Tract Gluten free Probiotic liquid

Especially designed for those who choose to use gluten free products, Fast-Tract is a probiotic liquid that contains the full spectrum of Lactobacilli in very potent numbers.  Fantastic after a Detoxification.
Lactobacilli is the ‘friendly’ bacteria that your body needs to promote good digestive health.

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Business Opportunity

Love Organics?.. and love to share your passion?  Miessence gives you the opportunity to develop a home based business.  Find out more about how you can support the worldwide organic movement and create an income stream aligned to your values.