Consultations & Fees


At Holistic Healthcare a comprehensive consultation is made to form-filling-150x150ensure we understand the nature of your health issue.  A consultation may consist of the following:

Information Pack

An information pack is emailed to you prior to your visit to ensure you have the requirements for your appointment and have followed the necessary protocol prior to your visit.  In your initial Consultation your health issues are discussed and your filled questionnaires (if any) are reviewed.  Time is then allocated for any tests to be done.  This consultation is our ‘fact finding’ mission and once this information is gathered we will review and research the findings to tailor a personalised protocol and recommendations to bring you back to health.

Your second visit will discuss your protocol and wellness plan to make sure you have a clear path to success for your health.  Subsequent visits are then planned to gauge outcomes and make any necessary changes as you progress.

To offer the best results for long term health, I believe that it is a process and your well-being is fundamental to this process.  By offering a thorough initial consultation, a follow up to review results and present your protocol, followed by regular short visits, your wellness journey is highly supported.

  • Full Consultation.. Allow 90 minutes                                        $155
  •               Includes the review 20min follow up appointment
  • Short consultation or Initial weight loss consultation
  •               Allow  60 minutes                                                              $80
  • Consequent appointments (including weight loss)
  •               Allow up to 30 min                                                            $45
  • Retesting appointment (Vegatest/BIA)
  •               Allow up to 60 minutes                                                     $80
  • Children /  Students   First consultation                                      $80
  • Follow up consultations                                                                  $45
  • Babies /Toddlers       Under 5 years                                               $45
  • Missed appointments / same day cancellations                         $30

The biggest step in your wellness journey is the first step, so please call or email us to discuss if we may be of benefit to you before making your final decision.  We look forward to hearing form you.

Email:     Phone:  (03) 443 5991       Mobile: 027 221 8371